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It’s finally done. The book you had been writing for the past few months has come to a close. You look back towards the entire process and have only one question going through your mind, how can I get it published? If you require online book publishing services, then Octa Publishing is at your service. We offer the best book publishing services that are aimed at getting your work spread across the lands in a cheap and trustworthy way. Our book publication services are second to none and are the best way you can get your book published online.

What Are Some Aspects Of Successfully Publishing A Book?

No matter what kind of book you want us to publish, there are a few key elements that need to be considered. Regardless of how the saying goes, the majority of people judge a book by its cover. Since it is the first thing anyone will notice when they come across your book, your cover page needs to be expressive of what your book has to offer. However, you shouldn’t go overboard with the cover, as there need to be a few things left hidden to pique your reader’s curiosity.
To deliver a quality reading experience, your book needs to be free of any errors. Mistakes come across as unprofessional and can lead to unsatisfied readers and your book receiving poor reviews. Hence, you need to get your book edited and proofread thoroughly to ensure that your work is up to mark. You may also need to get your book to conform to certain publishing formats, which are dependent on the platform of your choosing. There have been cases of works getting downright rejected because they didn’t conform to the mentioned format. These parts of publishing a book might have given you an idea of how detailed the process is - still looking for book publishing services? Octa publishing are ready for any publishing task you can give us.

Professional Book Marketing and Distribution Solutions

Regardless of which book you choose to author, there are two phases of the writing process you would have to undergo. You might have completed the first phase of the process, which is writing and would be yet to start the second phase, which is dissemination. The main reason why a writer decides to put their thoughts down on paper is to connect with their readership. Having the resolution to distribute knowledge and perspectives through words is an eminent profession and needs to be celebrated. For this purpose, it is paramount that the best book marketing and system of book distributions be followed to ensure that your book reaches the right audience on time.

How Are Books Distributed And Marketed?

In this day and age, the old methods of printing hundreds of flyers and posters to promote something are long gone. The internet has made it obsolete to pursue physical means when digital promotion strategies are so much more effective. Not only is it the best way for online book marketing, but it also significantly speeds up the entire process. A major route of cheap book distributions turns out to be the internet, as digital ads and promotions are far more cost-effective than their physical counterparts. Your books can also be distributed through print channels by reputable printing presses for bookstores in the marketplace of your choice.

What Are The Steps To Do Marketing For Your Book Correctly?

It is now possible to connect directly to your readers through the numerous social media platforms available. These platforms have allowed authors to get in touch with their readers on a more personal level and give them more control over the promotion of their books. Our experienced group of marketers make sure to adequately research the ideal audience for your book, and design a custom marketing plan to suit your needs. Also, they are open to your suggestions and can be reached if you have any queries.

Best Novel Publishing Services Available At Octa Publishing

If there is anything reading enthusiasts can agree on, that is the fact that novels are the best kind of books to read. Almost everyone would have been assigned a novel to read as part of their school or college education. The feeling of holding a physical book in your hand, flipping through the pages and watching the words come to life is something all non-readers are sure to miss. Reading is a memorable experience, and if you are an author struggling with getting a novel published due to pricing or complexity, you have our full cheap and comprehensive support.

What Kind Of Novel Publishing Services Do We Provide?

Now, you might be wondering about the different kinds of procedures encompassing novel publication services. Like any written document, there is a good chance that the initial draft of the novel you have written contains a few spelling, punctuation and grammatical mistakes; need to be spotted and fixed as soon as possible as there is nothing more off-putting than reading a novel riddled with simple language errors.
Next, your novel needs a format and typeset, which will be followed by all of its inner pages. The format of your novel is mostly decided by the theme you want to set, and that is determined by the kind of novel you have written. For instance, a novel set in the early 20th century would need to have a style which accurately reflects the period. Alternatively, you can opt for modern styling in case you have written a sci-fi novel.
Once the novel is ready, our online novel publication services include the distribution of the book through our numerous publication channels. We are professional publishers and know precisely how and where your novel needs to go to ensure a positive result and allow you to craft your image.

Octa Publishing: Premium Story Book Publishing Service

Children around the world are encouraged to read story books as part of their primary education since it’s the best way to stimulate their developing mind. Reading not only has a direct benefit on their speaking and writing skills but also develops their abilities to visualize. If you have decided to write a storybook and are not sure where to start, our professional publishers would be more than happy to assist you. There are a couple of things that need to be taken care of before your books reach the hands of children, some of which are listed below.

  • Illustrations: The best way to engage with a younger audience is to accompany the text with suitable illustrations. The best story book publishing services take special care to include at least a dozen or so vivid illustrations to attract young children and motivate them to read on. In doing so, not only does the book appear rich in content, but it also allows story book publication services to create their unique art style. A good designer can provide quality art and illustrations to make your book come to life.
  • Editing: As a storybook does constitute as literature, any form of spelling and grammatical mistakes are unacceptable. Besides, no author wants their young readers to start using misspelt words in their vocabularies. As such, our story book publishing services include extensive proofreading to ensure that the book is free of all errors and is formatted accordingly.
  • Distribution: Being among the top online story book publication services, Octa Publishing has precisely what it takes to get your storybook published and distributed through reputable channels. The ideal medium for distributing storybooks is a cheap and humble paperback book. Children greatly benefit from the haptic feedback received from holding a physical book in their hands.

How Are Our Fiction Publishing Services Better Than The Competitors?

If you have been writing fiction, non-fiction or comic book of your life, you may be looking for online fiction publication services to get your book into the hands of its readers. For that reason, we here at Octa Publishing know precisely how to get you the readership you deserve and allow you to establish your name in the book world.

We Offer Cheap Fiction Publishing Services

We can understand that writing is a long term process, making it essential to manage your finances for security and stability. If you have been writing full-time, you might be experiencing a shortage of money. For this reason, we aim to provide the best world-class services at an affordable price so that you can spend less time worrying and more time writing. Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction at all costs.

Our Publishing Practices Are Quick and Efficient

We believe that no matter what work is at hand, you must always do it concerning time. Time is perhaps the most valuable resource, and your literature needs to be published aptly. Most fiction publication services take too long and even then cannot guarantee quality. So, we have developed our publishing process which focuses on quality and efficiency.

We Have Extensive Experience in Publishing Industry

If you look around, you will come across numerous services that use nearly every shortcut they have when it comes to publishing books. This results in the quality of work being nothing more than shoddy, and the final product failing to make an impact. The cause is none other than inexperience. These publishers take the help of untrained personnel who fail to understand the significance of proper publishing. On the contrary, we only hire professionals having years of experience publishing popular books and literature. Our team is made up of skilled publishers having a keen eye on how to make your literature go viral.

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