How to Publish a Research Paper?

The question arises when any scholar or researcher initiates the process of research. As the research progress, worries and stress level goes up. Most of the researchers and writers are unaware of the research publication process. Often queries are generated as how to publish a research paper in sciencedirect, how to publish a research paper in Elsevier or how to publish a research paper in ieee journals? We have solution to all of these problems.
Octa Publishing ensures you that you focus on your research and we will handle the publications and marketing of your research. We have experts in our team who know how to publish research papers online. Let them work for you.

Process & Steps of Publications

All candidates who want their work to be published in the best journals must prepare their work and check for the following requirements before the final submission. If any writer or researcher wants to follow the publication process himself / herself, below are the details:

  • Before jumping on the writing work, authors are very much instructed to complete the Research Work for their papers. The topic, data collection, objectives, methodology and verification of all statistics presented are must.
  • A title and abstract are necessary to start the process. Readers and Reviewers start with abstract and title of research. Paper must have the used title in the start, the affiliated authors name, abstract for conferences and the important keywords.
  • The introduction part right after must have the research statement, idea and the requirements as well to facilitate the research. It should have the significance and scope of work. Mentioning the limitations increases the viability of research.
  • The main body of the paper after the introduction presents all the research work by the author. It should flow in proper format. Literature, methodology, data analysis, bibliography and references must be presented in brief and concrete manner. The paper at the end must have the conclusion and references section as necessary or appendices if required. Acknowledgement or table of content are supposed to be the important section of the paper.

Publication Features at Octa Publishing

  • Services of Octa Publishing are limited to English Language Only. We can follow all narratives (British and American).
  • Formatting and structure will be done as per instructions of editorial board of journal. Fonts, font size, line spacing, heading size and all small details will be considered for review process.
  • We try that content is written as third person as this is basic requirement of many journals. However, we can go as per journal instructions to make it clear and publishable. We highly discourage any sort of plagiarism in the content and check your paper first.
  • All the figures, graphs or tables used in the paper in support of content will have the caption uniformly in the center and all the labels will be readable.

Call us today to help you in publishing your research. Instead of search how to publish a research paper in Science Direct, how to publish a research paper in Elsevier or how to publish a research paper in IEEE journals, contact our support team and let them help you with publications of your research.

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