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At Octa Publishing we admire all subjects and domain of research. We share same opinion as every idea in academics, regardless of its field background, deserves to be presented on a recognized platform. Providing below are the categories that we offer. Authors are requested to see the scope and ask further about our subject details.

Scientific Journal Publications

At Octa Publishing we publish significant original scientific researches. We specifically focus on the paper that is influential not just within the field but across the field as well and also the researches that will significantly advance scientific understandings. The paper we select contains important data and concepts. In the field of science we further promote physics journal publications, engineering journal publications, chemistry, earth sciences publishing, ecology publications, oceanography, geology publications, meteorology, astronomy, biology journals, anthropology publications, archeology publications, criminology publications, linguistics, economics journal publications, international relations, political science, public health, sociology, law & criminology, statistics, computer science journal publications, engineering & medicine research.

Humanities Journal Publications

Octa Publishing provides an open access to the authors and researchers to publish their latest outstanding and development in the field. We promote the publication of the brilliant ideas, dissertations and journals. Our published papers ensures the clarity for the readers and possess high degree of peer view ethics. Humanities journal publications services cover English journal publications, political science, geography, history, sociology publications, psychology journals, music, fine arts, fashion designing, philosophy journal publications &physical education publications services.

Business Research Publications

The primary purpose of this section is to promote detailed researches in the field of business and its different aspects. We provide business research publications for management journal publications, finance research, banking journals, credit & risk management, small business research statistics, entrepreneurship, managerial economics research papers, marketing journal research, advertising & branding research.

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