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Octa Publishing is the center of publication for the academic and scientific research papers, books, journals, dissertations etc. We always look for the potential authors who are ready to inspire other fellows through their work. We provide platform to all the creative scientific minds searching how to publish research paper and have brilliant ideas and want to share their work to the world to contribute in a significant way. On board, we have set proper teams of scientist, researchers, editorial and marketing who will discuss you plans thoroughly and will help you with the work.

Research Paper Writing

Octa Publishing team’s professional writers and editors will guide you properly for how to work on a professional paper. If there is anything that you are including in your paper for reference from any external source, you ought to have a copyright clearance from its respective author or publisher. We ask our authors to fill in a questionnaire for our marketing team so they can maximize their promotional efforts.

Editorial Standards

Once you have completed your research work and paper content is ready then refer to our Standard Paper Checklist and make sure that it is ready for submission and publication as well. Our team editorial will surely

  • Double-check your paper for completeness
  • Make sure that there is a clarity in every part of your paper
  • See paper accuracy and consistency for readers
  • Sent you a proof copy for your reviews
  • Check for the standard cover design

Research Publication

Before initializing the final step of your paper publication, Octa Publishing will have a final chat with you to finalize all the corrections made, cover, and any other issue including. Our QA team has an exceptional commitment to quality. We have given our best in the recent years for keeping everything on schedule and according to your ways. You will get the first publish copy right after it’s done. Do not worry as to how to publish research paper and get assistance from octa publishing now!

Marketing Ways We Have

Octa Publishing have the best and the most efficient distribution network and the first class dynamic Marketing Team on board. Our marketing team will prepare the plans based on the questionnaire that you have submitted which will ensure that your paper or the idea let’s say is promoted to the right audience. That can be scholars, researchers, students etc. Our marketing analyst do the deed via the right channels and the right platforms.

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